Welcome to Team LD

Welcome to Team LD


team LD is a social hub exclusively for adults with learning/intelectual disability,developmental disability [eg, autism spectrum disorders or down syndrome] or specific learning difficulties [eg dyslexia], however teens will be allowed if they are given permission by their parents,we also welcome:     


*family of LD relatives.

*support staff of people with LD.

*profesionals,such as social services staff,specialists,pyschologists,OTs etc of learning disabled adults.

team LD is in its very early days,but we currently have social networking [facebook style],a forum,a chat room, and lots of other things,all for free! we will also be the only website on the internet who offers awareness, personal experience, information and support of cyber bullying of LD adults,unfortunately we are very forgoten in this area,in fact all adults are forgoten in this area as adults are wrongly believed to all have the coping skills,communication and capacity to deal with cyber bullying.


team LD is now also on twitter so please feel free to follow us on there and do twittery stuff and we shall do the same back-

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