Welcome to Team LD

Welcome to Team LD

Relaunched Friday 18th September 2020

team LD is a social hub exclusively for adults with learning/intelectual disability,developmental disability [eg, autism spectrum condition or Downs syndrome] or specific learning difficulties [eg dyslexia],we also welcome:     


*family of LD relatives.

*support staff of people with LD.

*profesionals,such as social services staff,specialists,pyschologists,OTs etc of learning disabled adults.

We currently have social networking [facebook style],a forum,a chat room, and lots of other things,all for free,with no adverts! 



We will never charge you to use this,unlike other similar social networks who charged even when knowing the majority of their users do not have a debit card/PayPal in order to buy an account,this is not OK!


Please tell your LD or Autistic friends,relatives,service etc about my social network, I do not make any money from this, I just want people to be happy and safe.

I am a classic autistic adult with mild learning/intellectual disability and set up TeamLD because I wasn't happy with the only other network for LD that started letting everyone on,it wasn't a safe area for vulnerable adults no more with a individual making fake personalities and grooming users,so I launched TeamLD.


The reason TeamLD went quiet was unfortunately my behaviors that challenge,they became to acute for residential care to manage so I was sectioned and placed in a Acute LD hospital for a long time.

These behaviors had been caused by the after effects of online grooming and bullying,and 5 of my beloved pet chickens being taken from me by nasty people, I was mentally in a very bad place and had no way to communicate how it felt to me so it came out in behaviors and extreme anxiety which had triggered psychosis.


Some years later,having rebuilt my life and head,and with so many people with LD or autism experiencing loneliness due to covid 19 closing all day centre doors,I restarted TeamLD in the hope I offer a safe platform to learning disabled and/or autistic adults to speak to others like themselves and make everyone just that bit happier.

of course,TeamLD is a place for carers,support workers,family,friends,professionals etc to,you are just as welcome!

From Emlyn.

-Developer,admin and designer of TeamLD

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